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Tough Trial Attorneys With Extensive Courtroom Experience

Avoiding Sex Offender Registration

According to the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB)’s website, this government agency exists to “promote public safety by educating and informing the public…[through registration and classification of] convicted sex offenders.” Among other things, the SORB gathers information about where convicted sex offenders live, work and attend school in the commonwealth. This information is made public through the registry.

It is not hard to realize how stigmatizing and limiting life can be for someone on the SORB’s lists. You are at risk of being required to register after being convicted of a sex crime. Preventing a conviction in a sex crime case is the most important way to avoid being forced to register with the SORB, but it is not the only consideration. Sound legal counsel is essential if you have been charged or convicted for sexual assault or any sex-related crime.

Our Law Firm Fights Sex Offender Registration Requirements For Our Clients

At Elkins, Auer, Rudof, & Schiff, LLC, our defense attorneys zealously represent people charged with sex crimes such as sexual assault, rape, or indecent assault and battery. Criminal charges of these types are damaging even before a conviction. Just being accused of a sex crime often has strong social repercussions. With a conviction comes the concern of potential SORB registration – a supremely harsh penalty to avoid by any available means.

Our attorneys help clients who have been convicted file for relief from registering as sex offenders. In addition, we take on related cases, including the following:

  • Representation at sexual dangerous person (SDP) hearings
  • A convicted sex offender’s pursuit of a SORB reclassification

The SDP determination process is complex. It is essential that you get the best lawyer for your case if you are facing this type of hearing in connection with a sex crime conviction. SDP hearings can have devastating impacts on clients who are not fully prepared for them. The sex crime defense lawyers at Elkins, Auer, Rudof, & Schiff, LLC, have done many of them. We can advise the client on what to expect and what the best legal strategies are for their circumstances.

Our attorneys have represented clients in sex crime cases and SDP hearings in Northampton, Springfield and throughout Western Massachusetts. We will guide you through the frightening legal processes with compassion and clear direction.

Make Your Best Effort To Prevent SORB Registration Requirements

To get started on a defense strategy at any stage of a sex crime case in Massachusetts, turn to the attorneys at Elkins, Auer, Rudof, & Schiff, LLC. We have earned the respect of many of our legal peers and past clients.

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