Tough Trial Attorneys With Extensive Courtroom Experience
Tough Trial Attorneys With Extensive Courtroom Experience

Help And Hope For Children Accused Of Crime And Their Families

If your child has been charged with a crime or is under investigation, you are no doubt frightened and concerned about protecting your child’s rights and future. We will fight for your child.

Like adults, children can be falsely accused of crimes, including very serious offenses. Young people also sometimes get into legal trouble for reasons that are connected to their youth and immaturity—they are more susceptible to peer pressure, their brains are less mature, and they are more likely to take risks and seek out excitement. Some young people have conditions—such as autism, learning disabilities, depression, or anxiety that can impact their judgment and decision making. Your child needs an attorney who understands juvenile law and adolescent development and can help prosecutors, judges, and jurors understand that children are especially susceptible to being wrongly accused of crimes and taking risks..  At Elkins, Auer, Rudof, & Schiff, LLC, our attorneys will handle your child’s case with a compassion and a deep understanding of the law and science, and thorough preparation.

Our attorneys skillfully represent young people in both delinquency cases youthful offender and juvenile murder cases. We support their families and give them the high-quality defense they deserve. And most of all, we never forget that it’s not just about winning a case but also about your child’ future.

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